Wedding Venues in Aberdeen

To many bridal couples the most momentous part of the wedding day is the ceremony and all that it signifies. It is therefore important to choose the venue that is right for you and suits your requirements.

Traditionally a church would be the venue of choice, possibly with family connections, but today there are all manner of venues from traditional to modern and eye-catching. Aberdeen is overflowing with beautiful venues to suit all tastes and styles, and the city’s surrounding areas are some of the most breathtaking in the country.

Several factors should be considered when choosing a ceremony venue and the number of guests is an important one. The venue size will ultimately dictate how many people you are able to invite, unless of course you choose an outside location. Proximity to train stations and airports might be an issue, and thus transport arrangements may be necessary. It is worth booking your chosen venue well in advance, especially in the summer peak season, to avoid disappointment.

Reception Venue

Aberdeen and its surrounding environs have a large number of venues suitable for a memorable wedding reception. From the outset the number of guests will help you decide whether or not a venue is suitable. The overall style of your wedding will again help in the planning process as you will probably have an idea in your mind of traditional or contemporary or somewhere in between.

Many venues can accommodate both the ceremony and reception and this takes away the issue of transport arrangements between venues. However, if family and friends are travelling from further afield then it is worth considering a venue with accommodation or checking to see if hotels and B&Bs are within close proximity. If you are having dancing after the wedding meal then it is important to check from the outset that the room is big enough to suit your requirements, or perhaps 2 rooms can be made available to you.

Aberdeen Wedding Services brings you a selection of the city’s best wedding venues both old and new and suitable for a range of budgets. Whether you are looking for a bustling city centre or a quieter more rural setting Aberdeen has it all.