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As a bride to be you and your fiancée have your sights on that date next year when all your plans come together into a truly memorable day. Thinking of how you want it recorded is a big decision.

Do you want the photography to be quiet and unobtrusive, or do you want it to be posed and arranged like a fashion shoot? You may even wonder whether it's worth spending all that money when Uncle Bert has offered to do it for free. The funny thing about wedding photography is that it looks so easy anyone could do it. Many people have good digital cameras so why pay a professional?

Actually learning to take an ARTISTIC view of an unfolding big event involves nerves of steel, quick reactions and an eye for a good picture. It involves stamina, top notch equipment and good people skills. Recording your big day takes 14 hours of focussed concentration, watching for those little unrepeatable moments which make your day quite unique and special for you.

Anyone can record the main events in a competent manner. But maybe you deserve something a bit more special than that - someone who takes the trouble to get to know you well enough to pick up on the small details.

Now I don't believe that if I was shooting a wedding every weekend, that I could find the energy or enthusiasm to treat your wedding as the unique event which you will make it. That is why I never shoot more than 10 weddings a year.

I want to be fresh and enthusiastic. I want to love your wedding as much as you do and THEN I'll get the pictures you really want.

So ask to look at my albums and let the photography speak for itself.

Broombank Photography – the personal choice!