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For as long as we've had something to celebrate, we've had a dance for the purpose. Dance is something that crosses all boundaries of culture and country, a means of expression which marks a shared experience, and there is no more significant or important a shared experience as a wedding.

When people think of dancing at a wedding, they think of good times for sure at the reception, but more so that first dance when the newly married couple take to the floor to start the evening's celebrations and this is as much a part of a wedding as the cake, flowers, and favours.

More and more couples are choosing to do something special for their first dance, to learn and perform a routine which reflects their own personalities, and for couples getting married in the Aberdeen area, Elma Events is here for that very purpose.

At the helm of Elma Events is Elma Robertson and in addition to her 18 years experience teaching dancing she is UKA qualified in Latin American Dance. Experience the drama of Rumba, Cha Cha and Jive, or go for the social ballroom romance of the Foxtrot or Waltz, Elma teaches them all.

Then there is beginner Salsa, Scottish traditional dances and Nightclub 2 -step, but whatever your dancing passions and skill levels, a First Dance lesson at Elma Events will equip you with the moves and the confidence to wow your guests and start the celebrations in style.

First Dance is not just for the happy couple. Any wedding guests can learn the steps for Social Ballroom and Ceilidh dances. Elma can help with choosing the right dance and the right music if you already have a dance in mind. A music and dance workshop can additionally form a part of a fun hen night and indeed Elma Events can organise the entire Hen Party from the dancing, food and drink to the hotel.