Jewellery & Essentials in Aberdeen

Nothing encapsulates the spirit of marriage quite like the wedding ring. It represents the commitment and endless love that one promises to bestow unto another. Aberdeen offers a wealth of jewellers who will offer advice, a fitting service and a large selection of rings in a variety of styles, metals and stones for your big wedding day in the granite city.

There are also a whole series of wedding essentials that when organised properly not only add to the sense of the occasion but also help personalise the event for the happy couple, friends and family. We present here a selection of specialists in those Aberdeen wedding essentials who will be happy to focus on the details and provide the necessary services and products for your Aberdeen wedding.

There are many aspects of a wedding you may not ordinarily consider but that may be regarded as wedding essentials. These can include table wear and linen for the guests wedding banquet. These can be supplied in a range of designs and packages to complement the decor of the wedding venue, or style and tone of the wedding. In addition, tables, chairs, staging, archways and other structures can be hired to provide an overall look and feel and to make the most of the available space.

Other wedding essentials are the wedding stationary. Not just the invitations but also place settings, order of service, and any other item, which can be personalised for the occasion.

Gifts given by the wedded couple to their groomsmen and bridal party also form a part of contemporary wedding celebrations and there are specialist outlets that can provide such items, which may be a small piece of jewellery or other keepsake. Additionally wedding favours are generally given to your guests and can take on any form you like, the tradition being sugar-coated almonds presented in lace.

Whether it's jewellery wedding rings or wedding essentials you're after for your big day in Aberdeen, we feature a selection of suppliers in order to help you.

To see the full range of Aberdeen wedding essentials available, browse from our list of wedding essentials specialists presented here.