Hair & Beauty in Aberdeen

There is no moment more important for a bride, than when she walks towards her beloved, to join him at his side. It is at this moment that she is her most radiant and beautiful.

Every bride dreams of looking her very best on her big day, and naturally hair and beauty are at the top of her list after the dress. A beauty regime can take several months to complete in preparation for a wedding: Of course this depends on what treatments you are considering.

A healthy exercise plan, good dietary habits and regular facials should be started months in advance of your big day, just as hair condition can be worked on and boosted prior to the event. You may wish to grow out a hairstyle, or change the colour of your hair. These are things which are best done well in advance, just in case you don’t like the end result.

A glowing skin, and healthy locks take time and effort, so you should consult a hair and beauty specialist from our fantastic selection of professionals, who can help you look utterly gorgeous for that special moment when all eyes will be on you!

Your chosen hair and beauty specialist will be able to advise you on your wedding look, as well as preparations, and hair and make up for the big day, and the honey moon. It is always best to try a few different hairstyles, and make up looks first before deciding which you prefer. Look through magazines for inspiration, and discuss them with your hair and beauty specialist.

On your wedding day, your hair and make up will look stunning, if you plan ahead, try out your look before hand, and choose one of these excellent professionals to help you achieve your dream.