Cars & Carriages in Aberdeen

Your choice of wedding transport is likely to be reflected in the style of your wedding. For example a modern wedding may dictate a modern car, and a traditional wedding a classic or vintage car. Although this may not necessarily be the case, the mode of transport you choose will start your day off in style.

Whether the bride arrives at the ceremony on time or just a little late it is important the choice of transportation is reliable and in keeping with the time of year. As British weather can never be guaranteed arriving on horseback or by horse-drawn carriage will certainly be memorable, but it is worth having a back-up plan. Again, open top cars look stunning but the weather forecast should definitely be taken into consideration.

Photographs on the day may have an impact on the car you choose. Traditionally the bride and groom are photographed in the back seat of the car, champagne in hand toasting their union, and thus you may wish to check out the car’s interior before making a decision.

Transportation does not necessarily stop with the bridal party as you might opt to transport your guests from the ceremony venue to the reception venue. Budget can be a consideration and if so a double decker bus is a novel and cost effective solution. Similarly, one car doing several trips may cost less than a number of cars but this is dependent upon number of guests and distance between the venues. It is worth getting a number of quotes from hire firms, and setting out your requirements at the outset.

Aberdeen has a sizeable selection of specialist car hire firms who can provide the car of your dreams for your big day. Whether your idea of wedding transport is a stretch limousine or a vintage Rolls Royce, you will certainly have a variety to choose from.