Simply Cakes

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Simply Cakes in Aberdeen is a mail order company specializing in celebration cakes of every variety and offering customers an unrivalled freedom of personal design with the convenience of being able to place orders online.

Our idea is very simple, we create a range of delicious, moist cakes which your can design to fit the theme of any event. The only limit to your mouth-watering and delightful creation is your imagination.

While we gladly meet the demands of customers wanting something special for any celebration, we are a specialist Aberdeen Wedding Service able to help you find the perfect cake for any number of guests, and, of course, in any style to complement your theme.

From a simple classic elegance to contemporary chic, to the wild and fun, we will help you create a unique, impressive and ever so tasty cake.

For your special occasion, you can choose from a range of moreish flavours like traditional fruit cake, moist carrot cake, devilishly decadent chocolate ganache or a beautiful, classic sponge. If you want a tiered cake, we can easily combine these flavours, making each tier from a different one.

To afford all our customers the greatest freedom of design, our basic cakes are created with simple, elegant lines, much like a blank canvas on which to paint something uniquely yours. Of course, elegant simplicity has its own appeal and with flavours such as ours, you'll have to do very little to make it special. In addition we offer a variety of suggestions to inspire your imagination and help you realize a design out of the ordinary.

When it comes to assembling your design masterpiece, we provide everything you will need, no matter what kind of cake you have ordered or how you hope to have it displayed.
As a leading Aberdeen Wedding Service, we suggest that your cake be ordered 6 weeks prior to the event, although 4 weeks should do for other celebration cakes.

Since we use the finest luxury ingredients, freshness is of the utmost importance. Our cakes are not designed to refrigerated and should be be collected as close to the occasion as possible. All cakes can be collected on Fridays from The Academy Shopping Centre, Schoolhill. It's where you'll find our exhibition stand, open from 9am to 5pm.

Please arrange for your cake to be collected on the Friday closest to your event.