Cakes & Catering in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has a wealth of professional caterers whose expertise can add the finishing touches to your perfect day. In some cases your choice of venue will dictate the caterers available to you, for example hotels and restaurants have their own kitchens and in-house staff, stately homes and galleries usually have a list of preferred caterers and with a marquee the decision is entirely yours.

All caterers whether in-house or external will need a budget to work towards, and this should be discussed at the outset. There are many options available and you may wish the style of catering to complement the style and theme of your wedding. For example, with a traditional wedding you may consider champagne and canapés prior to a sit down meal. Alternatively you may prefer an informal stand up fork buffet, or perhaps a sit down buffet. Each adaptation of the meal has budget implications and also depends upon the space constraints of your chosen venue, and the number of guests to be invited.

The wedding cake is not only a visually enticing feast for the eyes, but cutting the cake is another symbolic element of the day. The cake cutting, which is traditionally carried out by the bride and groom together, hand in hand, is a focal point for photographs. The wedding cake is a celebration of the day that is shared and enjoyed amongst the married couple all their guests, and as such is highly significant to the day.

Traditionally they were tiered rich fruit cakes covered with marzipan and royal icing where the top tier was kept for the first child’s baptism celebration. However, today cakes vary from chocolate cakes to profiterole mountains. Whatever the ingredients and design, cake decorators are highly sought and extremely skilled at their art, and as such should be booked well in advance.

A selection of Aberdeen's top caterers and cake decorators, featured here, will give you a mouth-watering taste of what to expect on your wedding day.